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Lo Valentine and Amber Cuff Each Other (ASMR)

Lo Valentine and Amber have a special video planned for you all! They’re going to be playing with different cuffs and restraints, slowly so you can hear each crisp clink of the cuffs and rattle of the chains. They start with a pair of hinged ASP cuffs on Amber and a pair of shackles, along with a pair of toe cuffs. After Lo shows off a few more different types of cuffs, then removes all of the ones placed on Amber. Now it’s Amber’s turn to cuff Lo, using a pair of black hinged cuffs on her wrists and a pair of shackles around her ankles. Both girls continue to play with different restraints, enjoying the lovely sounds each one of them made.

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  • hogchain says:

    Sure would like to see more of your girls try the Irish 8’s behind the back. If they can’t tolerate them, try the next larger size.

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