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Olivia Cuffs Lauren

Olivia invites Lauren over to have a little bit of fun with cuffs! They start off by cuffing each other with black hinged and chained cuffs. Olivia then puts a pair of shackles on Lauren’s ankles, which she really enjoys. The girls then decide to switch cuffs, and as they’re re-cuffing each other they decide to cuff themselves to one another! Next Olivia removes all of their cuffs and has Lauren lie down on the bed, where she cuffs her hands to the bed frame, and then shackles her feet. Just when Lauren thought Olivia was done, she pulled out another pair of shackles to put on Lauren’s wrists to restrain her even further. Olivia grabs a pair of chained cuffs next and puts those on Lauren’s ankles next to the leg shackles. Olivia double checks that the shackles on Lauren’s wrists are tight enough before giggling and walking away to let her struggle alone.

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  • hogchain says:

    Great to see Lauren again! Also fun to see her get her comeuppance after making fun of Charlotte for her self-bondage.

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