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YOU Caught Jackie Jupiter!

Jackie Jupiter was in your store, trying to shoplift. Luckily for you, you caught her and had a pair of hinged cuffs on you! You take her to a separate room and have her sit a on a bench to wait for the authorities to show up. There, she starts complaining about the cuffs and how unnecessary this all is. She tells you she didn’t steal anything, and it wouldn’t be worth doing. At one point you remove the cuffs and she willingly shows you she has nothing in her shorts, and that she wasn’t hiding anything. She also shakes her hair out, showing she was hiding nothing there either. You question her about her shirt, and she takes that off as well, trying to prove to you she really wasn’t hiding anything. You quickly spot something silver and shiny sticking out of her bra and immediately become suspicious. She pulls out a ring, and claims it was hers, regardless you take her shirt from her and this time cuff her hands behind her back until the police show up and take her.

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