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Wellness Check Part 1

Officer Lisa is called to do a wellness check on Charlotte when her friends haven’t heard from her. Officer Lisa walks into a scene she didn’t quite expect..Charlotte is all cuffed up! She has on a waist chain, shackles and handcuffs! All while nude! Officer Lisa finds out Charlotte put herself in these restraints and is greatly amused. She helps her move downstairs before putting her back how she found her to show her partner! Come see this part 1 now!


  • hogchain says:

    I love this scene. Being discovered in self-bondage is one of my favorite scenarios. It combines everything I like: nudity, strict but not painful handcuff bondage, and lots of playful teasing and embarrassment. One of your best.

  • hogchain says:

    Only real flaw in this scene is that Charlotte’s cuffs and waist chain should be tighter. It only works if she’s truly unable to escape.

  • hogchain says:

    (Spoilers) If I had to guess, it was during the jump cut when Lisa led Charlotte down the stairs that you loosened Charlotte’s right cuff so she could slip out at the end. This definitely made for an entertaining ending, but it lessened the kink value on repeated viewing knowing that she would get out. IMHO, handcuff bondage should always be snug. Not painful, but certainly inescapable.

    Also, it seems unlikely that Lisa would leave thinking she was leaving Charlotte with no way out. She could have pretended to leave, waited a while and come back in to release her, perhaps bringing a few neighbors to see her first. Anything to maximize Charlotte’s delightful embarrassment (and her secret enjoyment).

    But these are just nits. Overall, this is a *great* video, one of your best ever.

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