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Officer Lisa Gets Cuffed

An unsuspecting Officer Lisa is lounging about when Mia has a brilliant idea to put her in some cuffs. First Mia cuffs Lisa in the front with a pair of Irish Eights, then she puts her in a pair of shackles. After Lisa mouths off and complains a bit, Mia takes a pair of long chained cuffs and attaches the Irish Eights to the bar on the bed. Lisa tries to break free, but she obviously can’t. Lisa complains about the cuffs being heavy and her arms getting tired, so Mia has an even better idea of putting her in a pair of cuffs behind her back and letting her struggle. After watching Lisa roll around and try to get up, Mia taunts her with the key before taking the long chain handcuffs and putting Lisa in a hog cuff with them. After more complaining from Lisa and a lot of laughter and enjoyment from Mia, she lets her out of the hogcuff and then tells her she can’t always get what she wants and leaves her in the cuffs and shackles.

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