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Mia Cuffs Kaitlynn To A Hand Truck

Kaitlynn is gagged and handcuffed behind her back as she is brought into a room by Mia. Mia quickly chains her feet to a hand truck and then moves her cuffs to the front. She then uses two long chained cuffs to cuff her to the hand truck. She uses the black safety strap as a finishing touch to make sure Kaitlynn really can’t move too much. She makes a quick phone call, trying to get rid of the “merchandise” she just got. Mia then leaves the room while Kaitlynn is left drooling, whining, and struggling. After some time, Mia hears a loud, crashing sound and runs to the room to check on Kaitlynn. Mia finds her on the floor, she must have fallen from struggling too much. Mia laughs and tightens her chains before leaving the room again, assuring Kaitlynn she’d be gone soon.

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