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Ivie Sin Arrested by a Fake cop

Ivie Sin was out walking along the lake when a fake cop (Kaitlynn Day) stopped Ivy and arrested her for having a “warrant.” Ivie Sin was cuffed behind her back and taken to the car. Ivy felt like there was something wrong especially when the cop had a normal 2 door car and not a cop car, but her arresting officer insisted that she was legit and she needed to go to jail.

In the car Kaitlynn moved her cuffs to the front since they were hurting her and she wasnt resisting. After that Ivie has no memory and wakes up to being chained to Kaitlynn’s bed and she yells for help! Kaitlynn then gags her to keep her quiet. After Ivie Sin calms down, Kaitlynn informs her that she is not a real cop and she took her because she wanted a girlfriend.

This shoot was also the very first time Ivie Sin Had ever been handcuffed her entire life! Never before, not even for fun!

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