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Amber Stark Gets Comfortable with Cuffs

Amber Stark is curious about the different ways cuffs can be used and she asks for Mia’s help. Mia starts with showing her the basics of using hinged handcuffs in front. Next Mia repositions the handcuffs so Amber is cuffed behind her back, and she gets an idea of how they can be creative. Mia grabs the long chained cuffs and cuffs Amber’s upper arms behind her back. Amber lies down and Mia shows her a pair of small cuffs before cuffing her big goes together. Mia doesn’t stop there and continues with a pair of shackles, and finally adds another pair of chained cuffs to put Amber in a hogcuff. After a little bit, Mia moves the toe cuffs to Amber’s thumbs and decides to leave her like that.

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