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The Gamble, Double Jail Sentence or Leave with Money. Pt 2

This is a 34 Min video!

Luna Lux is jailed for indecent exposure charges. The guard gives her an offer to get released with money or do more jail time. Luna Lux gets to play cross word scratchers that have the potential to either win or lose money. If she wins atleast $100 she is released, but if not then her sentence will be doubled. And she must be chained up while she scratches them.

We also got some unique Antique handcuffs added to our collection and we use them today. Both pairs were from 1930

Peerless (model 2) double locking handcuffs (ca.1930)

Rare H&R Arms (4link model) FBI Super Handcuffs featuring hidden keyway (Ca. 1934)
These were used by the FBI and one of the most secure cuffs ever made

She is also shackled in normal shackles.

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