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Olivia Gets Cuffed in Heels

Olivia is brought in for court in a pair of hinged handcuffs in front and is sentenced to a light version of bondage prison. Olivia is brought to the cell where she is put in a waist chain with her hands handcuffed behind the back. The extra length of chain was used to chain her to the cell door, and a pair of hinged handcuffs were placed on her ankles. Olivia stood and struggled for 30 minutes before being released from the cuffs and chains. After she is released she removes her pair of heels and rubs her bare feet to try and make them feel better.

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  • hogchain says:

    Glad to see you using reversed waist chains more often! Use hinged cuffs with the keyholes up, and they’re inescapable even with the key. Too many of your models can slip their cuffs under their butts…

    • hogchain says:

      You could use reversed waist chains in your police car challenge, but that would make it impossible. It’s already hard enough for models who can slip cuffs under their butts to the front.

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