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Maddy and Elizabeth bob for apples while handcuffed behind the back!


  • cuffs2tight says:

    This was fun, but real bobbing for apples uses a barrel or large tub so the players actually stick their heads under water to get an apple — they can’t simply press the apple to the bottom of the container so it’s easy to bite! Imagine how sexy this woujld be if they had dripping wet hair! Still liked it however 🙂

  • hogchain says:

    Yeah, this was a clever idea. Try it again sometime!
    Lessee…what other games or activities don’t let you use your hands, which you could enforce by cuffing them behind the back…? I’ve seen some other sites handcuff their models to stop them from smoking. This would obviously have to be behind the back. If the model can slide her hands under her butt (or even if she can’t), use a waist chain to keep them back there.

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