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Lisa And Daisy Get Caught by Jackie Jupiter

Jackie Jupiter and Daisy Meadows have caught Lisa up to no good. There have been witnesses saying she’s been cow tipping, bothering the horses, and even set all the pigs free! As punishment, Jackie Jupiter and Daisy have her chained and lasso’d up like the cows she’s been tipping. After making sure there were plenty of chains and rope tying her to the chair, they decide to gag her by covering her mouth with a handkerchief. Jackie Jupiter discreetly placed shackles around Daisy’s ankles, causing her to trip and fall. Jackie Jupiter takes her chance and cuffs Daisy’s hands behind her back and gags her too with a ball gag. She tells Daisy that she can’t trust her, just like she can’t trust Lisa and cuffs and ties her up as well.

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