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Lauren and Cleo Moon Get Cuffed

Lauren invites her girlfriend, Cleo Moon over and has a surprise for her. When Cleo sees all the cuffs and the cell, she gets really excited. Lauren starts out by putting a waist chain on Cleo, and grabs a pair of hinged black cuffs to cuff her in front. Next she puts shackle on cleo and uses the leftover chain from the waist chain to connect her cuffs to her shackles. Lauren makes Cleo walk around to really get the feel of the cuffs and shackles before moving the hinged cuffs to behind the back, and uses the leftover chain for a crotch chain instead of connecting the cuffs. Lauren makes her walk around a little more before getting a long pair of chained cuffs to cuff Cleo to the cell door. Now it’s Lauren’s turn. She shackles herself and cuffs herself behind the back using a pair of chained cuffs. Then she takes another long pair of handcuffs and attaches herself to the cell door too. Both of them struggle against the door and try to escape.

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  • hogchain says:

    Very good! Love the scenario: playful self-bondage, being discoved and getting stuck for real!

  • hogchain says:

    Oh, and once again Kira Ann does a great job as the unseen discoverer of their self bondage. I’d love to be discovered by her myself.

    • Kira Ann says:

      Thank you! I love finding people locked up…and leaving them locked up! 🙂

      • hogchain says:

        You’re welcome. But I must point out that you *could* have taken more from Lauren and Cleo besides their handcuff key. (Assuming the (real) Lauren and Cleo were okay with it, of course.) And maybe sent in a few more girls who act like they’ve never seen bondage before. And whatever other creative ideas you might have to turn the victims’ faces a dark shade of red.

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