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Kaitlynn Cuffs Zoey Jade

Kaitlynn invited Zoey Jade over for a surprise! When she gets there Kaitlynn is more than excited to show her a new pair of black hinged handcuffs. Zoey turns around and Kaitlynn puts them on her and she enjoys the cuffs while Kaitlynn grabs a pair of ASP shackles and puts them on Zoey’s ankles. After a few minutes of Zoey struggling, Kaitlynn removes the handcuffs and brings a waist chain over. She puts the waist chain on Zoey and handcuffs her behind the back. Kaitlynn walks away, letting Zoey struggle and try to get out. Kaitlynn walks back over and helps Zoey lay down on her stomach. She removes one of the shackles and loops the chain through the hinged cuffs and puts Zoey in a hogcuff before walking away again. Zoey keeps struggling, quickly realizing this is even more difficult to get out of. Kaitlynn comes back over and this time removes the waist chain and handcuffs from Zoey, replacing them with a pair of Irish 8s. Kaitlynn once again walks away and leaves Zoey cuffed and shackled. Zoey waits patiently for Kaitlynn to find the key, and after a few minutes she calls after her. But Kaitlynn doesn’t answer.

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