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Hadley Viscera Gets Cuffed to the Stairwell

6 and a half minutes of 1080p quality video.

Lisa escorts Hadley up the stairs and cuffs her hands behind her back to the stairwell. She tries to cuff her ankles with small cuffs, but since Hadley says they’re too tight, she switches to pink cuffs!


  • Nick3324 says:

    Great to see you’re doing the cuffed to the railing videos again! 🙂 could you from now on cuff them to the railing with their hands in front please? It looks way better when they’re struggling like that. Hope you can keep doing more of these 🙂

  • mikespud says:

    Love this one…keep these girls ankles cuffed in regular handcuffs more than leg irons. I like the struggle to get the regular cuffs on her ankles, but then she final gets them on with the pink ones. Yes, more regular cuffs on ankles!

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